Terms & Conditions


Tenant's guarantees

  1. The data provided by Tenant is truthful.
  2. Tenant has the full legal capacity.
  3. There are no proceedings against Tenant that could lead to the loss of Rent Service.
  4. Tenant is aware of the fact that the service of mobile platforms, forklifts, in accordance with the applicable regulations, requires appropriate UDT rights. The Renter is not responsible for non-compliance with the above requirement by the Tenant.


The Tenant provides access to mobile platforms and forklifts by persons with appropriate UDT qualifications.


Contract changes

  1. Under pain of nullity, all changes to the contract require the parties' consent and written form. The only exception is the exclusion of changes regarding the extensions of the rental period.


The use of machines

  1. The transfer and receipt of the rented machine take place on the basis of the acceptance protocol, which is an integral part of these rental conditions.
  2. The final technical acceptance of the equipment when the rental is completed takes place at the headquarters of the Renter.


Terms of equipment usage

  1. The Tenant is obliged to use the equipment in accordance with the operating instructions and health and safety regulations.
  2. It is forbidden to use the subject of rental to work that may significantly deteriorate its technical condition, in particular: welding, sandblasting, concreting, painting with fire-retardant paints or the like.
  3. When rented equipment becomes dirty or damaged, resulted from improper machine security or use, the Tenant will be obliged to pay the Renter the costs of restoring the machine to the condition it was at the time of its release to the Tenant. Mentioned costs consist of:
  • cleaning cost - 150 PLN net per hour.
  • other costs related to the restoration of the rented equipment to the condition at the time of renting.

The Renter shall inform the Tenant in writing about above costs.

  1. The Tenant is obliged to check on the daily basis the oil level in the engine, the water in the batteries and the level of coolant in the radiator.
  2. In the case of improper security of the machine, the Tenant undertakes to cover the necessary costs to restore it to the state from the rental's day. The Tenant thus accepts the scope of activities and the value of them resulting from the service protocol which is made during a visual inspection of the machine. The Renter reserves the right to claim compensation which exceeding the costs of mentioned service protocol.



  1. All prices are net prices to which VAT is added in the amount applicable on the date of invoice.


Payment conditions

  1. The invoices will be sent to the Tenant's address. The parties agree that if the invoice is not returned in the 7 days from it receiving is considered as its acceptance. The Tenant is obliged to update the address of headquarters with correspondence address.
  2. Using the equipment contrary to its purpose or subletting to another entity is forbidden without written consent of the Renter.
  3. In the case of using the object of rent contrary to its purpose or making the subject of lease available to another entity, without the written consent of the Renter, the Tenant shall pay the Renter a penalty of triple daily rate.
  4. Any additional financial claims from the Renter regarding excessive wear or destruction of the machine or its components will be provided in writing, after the final technical acceptance.
  5. All payments, unless the parties have agreed otherwise, the Tenant realizes within 14 days from the date of invoice issue by bank transfer, to the Renter's bank account.
  6. The Tenant is obliged to cover the costs incurred by the Renter for taking debt collection actions The minimum amount of 6% of the principal amount which Tenant agrees to. The payments made first will be credited the oldest receivables.


Term agreement

  1. The Tenant shall make every effort to ensure that the machines covered by the rental agreement will be returned within the prescribed time limits.
  2. The Tenant is not responsible for the foreseeable delivery date caused by events on which Tenant does not have and had no influence on. The Tenant responsibility for any damages is detriment only if the deadline has not been met due to the intentional actions of his employees.



  1. If the Tenant finds any defect in the rented equipment which has an impact on its usefulness, is obliged to notify immediately the Renter about that fact. In that situation, Tenant is obligated to inform about type and size of the damage and refrain from further usage. The Tenant is responsible for the consequences of delay in providing the information to the Renter. Notifications can be made via e-mail or by phone.
  2. If it is determined that the fault occurred due to the Tenant's fault, all costs of its removal shall be made by the Tenant. In this case, the Tenant is not entitled to the discount for the rent which covers the period of downtime.
  3. The inspection and valuation of the rented machine defects take place in the area designated by the Renter and according to the Renter's price lists, to which the Renter agrees unconditionally.


Insurance and compensation

  1. As soon as the subject of the rental is delivered, the risk of damage, accidental loss or destruction goes on Tenant. The Tenant is responsible for any damage caused by the use of the rented equipment.
  2. The obligation to pay the rent is extended accordingly until the Tenant covers the costs of repairing the damaged equipment, to which the Tenant agrees unconditionally. The Tenant is obliged to pay 100% of the agreed rent for the day of damage/destruction of the machine. The Renter declares that the repair of the damaged equipment will take place only on new parts of the manufacturer acquired by the Renter whereupon Tenant express his unconditional consent.



  1. Subletting or giving any machine away for free use to a third party without the written consent of the Renter is prohibited.


Final Provisions

  1. The parties agree that the contract may be terminated by each party with immediate effect in a situation when the Tenant delays payment, uses the rented equipment in a manner inconsistent with these terms and conditions, there is a fear of destruction, damage or accidental rental of the object.
  2. The termination of the rent by each party takes place in writing under pain of nullity. If the form of written notice is not met, the rental agreement ceases to apply on the day the machine is picked up by the Renter.
  3. The parties agree that a VAT invoice may be issued without the signatures of the parties. The above right is only available to the regualr customers.